Ground Rules for Blog

In an effort to foster an ongoing civic dialog about neighborhood livability, the Neighborhood Coalition welcomes thoughtful posts and comments.  There are a few ground rules:

  • Most posts are written by members of the steering committee or one of the three working groups and reviewed by the blog editor.
  • Guest articles may be submitted by e-mail to As with letters to a newspaper editor, these posts are also reviewed by the blog editor.
  • Submitting comments requires either signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account (click in the comments field to see the icons) or registering with (click the “W” icon).
  • Please keep comments focused on the issues in the post; ad hominem attacks (attacking the character or motives of the author or other persons) will be edited out if possible or the entire comment may not be published.
  • Please address issues that relate to public policies and practices affecting the community, rather than personal concerns involving specific neighbors, businesses, or organizations.