Neighborhood compatibility zones

City staff presented the Central Westside Plan (CWP) to the Planning Commission on April 11th. The plan calls for “neighborhood compatibility zones” along Commerce and Simpson, areas where residential and mixed use zones border one another.

At the Planning Commission work session on the CWP, Bill Bernardy endorsed the concept, but pointed out that the dotted lines on the map are suggestions for what is only a concept — no such thing currently exists in the Bend code.

He asked that the PC recommend creating neighborhood compatibility zones to the City Council and request that staff follow through on developing and implementing the concept.

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Citizens’ lobby wants to keep Bend livable

A new citizens’ group has been formed by dozens of Bend residents dedicated to “keeping Bend livable for those who live here.”

Organized by experienced community volunteers, the Bend Neighborhood Coalition, Inc. wants to be the leading voice influencing public policies that protect the quality of life in Bend’s residential neighborhoods. Members will also advise one another on how best to address local concerns and foster an ongoing civic dialog on neighborhood livability.

The group held its kickoff meeting on January 27, 2016 at the Deschutes Public Library; the event was attended by 64 Bend residents.