City needs to help build a campus community

OSU-Cascades presented its master plan for further development of its westside campus to the Bend Planning Commission (PC) on April 9, 2018. Following a public hearing, the PC voted 4-1 to recommend the plan to the City Council for approval.

In comments to the PC, BNC chair Bill Bernardy, supported the plan and cited the university’s community engagement process as a model for the City. ¬†Hundreds of volunteers provided input, which the university has incorporated into its plans, including setting a goal of housing 40% of students on campus.

Bernardy called on the PC to insist that the Council address issues the PC brought to the City’s attention in a 2013 letter, but which have not been acted upon in nearly five years, including forming a Town & Gown Committee, hiring a staff member for campus-related work, and adopting policies to mitigate the impact of the campus on nearby neighborhoods and the City as a whole.

The goal should be to build a campus community, not just a campus.

To read the comments submitted to the Planning Commission, click here.

Author: Bend Neighborhood Coalition

Bend Neighborhood Coalition is the leading voice influencing policies that protect the quality of life in Bend's residential neighborhoods.