Outdoor music venues and event centers

The Neighborhood Coalition generally doesn’t weigh in on individual noise variance applications, but tries to focus on underlying policy issues that affect livability in Bend.

However, we were asked by the board chair of the Tower Theatre Foundation and several board members of River West Neighborhood Association to add our perspective on the issues at stake in allowing major concerts on Mirror Pond Plaza.

In comments to the city manager, BNC objected to an application for a noise variance by Crow’s Feet Commons for July 16, 2017. An event in June was picked up by mics in the Tower, causing substantial interference with the musical being staged in the theatre.

Mirror Pond Plaza isn’t the only site where promoters have taken advantage of gaps in city policies and permissive interpretations by city staff to use temporary permits and variances to stage major paid concerts and similar events with large audiences on properties where such uses were never reviewed.

BNC believes the City Council needs to adopt policies that address the proliferation of outdoor music venues and “pop up” event centers.

To read the comments submitted to the city, click here. To see an article on this topic in the recent BNC newsletter, please click here.

Author: Bend Neighborhood Coalition

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